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MANAGED BY work to a very high specification with trusted artisans, joiners and lighting designers to outfit residential spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Colette recognises the importance of balancing aesthetic and structural features, to reflect the client’s lifestyle and devises solutions that you might never have dreamed possible.

Whether it’s for owner occupied or rental portfolio investment, ideas are developed in partnership with clients so that every design is unique. Paying attention to the tiniest details means that even the less glamorous aspects of modern living fit into the overall scheme.

If pre-purchase advice is needed, Colette can meet you at the desired property, to give you un-biased suggestions, to assist your purchasing decision.

Current Design Projects

Coleherne Court, Little Boltons, London SW5

Client: Owner Occupier
Brief: Refurbishment of this classic apartment, new bathrooms, kitchen, joinery and decoration throughout
Completion March 2017

Danehurst Street, London SW6

Client: Investment Landlord
Brief: New heating system, new joinery, dress for rental
Completion March 2017

Eaton Terrace, London SW1

Client: Owner Occupier
Brief: Rear extension and complete internal refurbishment
Completion: December 2016

Radnor Walk, London SW3

Client: Owner Occupier
Brief: Basement excavation and rear extension
Status: Design

Marville Road, London SW6

Client: Owner Occupier
Brief: Basement excavation, rear extension, pod extension and full internal refurbishment
Status: Planning


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